Respondent 5.01
Saya sangat kecewa hari ni. fullstop. ( 21 January 2012)

Translation: I feel so disappointed today.

Assumption: From this post, I can see that the respondent cannot face the music. He/she may be having some trouble for that day and he/she cannot accept it.

Respondent 5.02
Kenapa realiti selalu tak selari dengan imaginasi? (21 January 2012)

Translation: Why can’t an imagination becomes a reality?

Assumption: From this post, I can assume that the respondent cannot accept the fate. Maybe something that he/she has imagined does not become a reality.

Respondent 5.03
Back to normal and seriously I hate it. (23 January 2012)

Assumption: From this post, I see that the respondent is not happy with his/her life. He/she hates it. Maybe he/she is having trouble to cope with his/her life.

Respondent 5.04
Stupid old woman. No manners. Bad Monday. No mood. (30 January 2012)

Assumption: From this post, I assume that the respondent is angry with the old woman. The old maybe have done something that he/she doesn’t like and it has affected his/her day. He/she has become moody the whole day.

Respondent 5.05
Terasa tidak mahu pergi. Sangat  tak happy dan sangat. . . (2 February 2012)

Translation: Feels like don’t want to go. I’m not happy at all.

Assumption: From this post, I can conclude that the respondent does not want to go to a place that he/she has to go. He/she does not feel happy about it. He/she maybe wants to get away from the place.

Respondent 5.06
Boleh tak saya nak jerit?


Mood: sangat teramat tension! (13 February 2012)

Translation: Can I shout? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarghhhhh! I feel pressured.

Assumption: From this post, I can assume that he/she feel so pressured on that particular moment. He/she wants to express his/her emotion by shouting so that he/she feels much better after that.

Respondent 5.07
Rasa nak sepak something!!!!!! (19 February 2012)

Translation: I want to kick something!!

Assumption: He/she may be mad at someone and he/she wants to express it by kicking at something. This shows that he/she cannot control his/her anger.

Respondent 5.08
Kerja berlambak gila. Dah lah balik tadi hujan. huhhh.

Mood: tension (9 March 2012)

Translation: I have tonnes of work to do. And it was raining when I went back from work. Huhhhh. Tension!

Assumption: He/she is feeling depressed with his work and on his/her way home, it was raining which made her depressed more. The bad weather has influenced his/her emotion more. He/she feels more pressured after that.

Respondent 5.09
I’m sorry I can’t be perfect (10 March 2012)

Assumption: From this post I can see that the respondent is frustrated with himself/herself. He/she may have done something bad that affect others. He/she cannot forgive himself/herself.

Respondent 5.10
Kenapa cepat sangat masa berlalu? (17 March 2012)

Translation: Why does time run too fast?

Assumption: I can assume that the respondent cannot accept that time runs so fast maybe because that he/she is not happy with what he/she has done before. He/she maybe regret about something.


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