Findings – Respondent 4

For respondent 4, through his/her posts of Facebook, I assumed that he/she who is very helpful and cooperative. He/she always help his/her brother in studies. Besides that, he/she always thinks positive in whatever problems he/she is facing.

The value of agreeable of the respondent can be shown through his/her answers on questionnaires on Survey Monkey that I have asked him/her to do. Based on the questionnaires, respondent 4 has chosen answers that reflect on a personality that is agreeable. He/she had answered 5 out of  8 questions that related with the domain “agreeable”.

According to the respondent’s close friend answers, he/she had chosen the same answers about the respondent. He/she had chosen 7 upon 8 questions that is related to someone who is agreeable.

Based on the research findings using Survey Monkey questionnaires to Respondent 4 and to his/her friend, it is found that there is a significant correlation between his/her language in facebook with his/her true personality based on the questionnaire using SurveyMonkey online application software. I can assumed that respondent 4 is someone who is agreeable.


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