Questionnaires for Respondent’s Friend

1. Name

2. Age

3. You see your friend as someone who

  • is imaginative
  • is responsible
  • is outgoing
  • is helpful
  • is sensitive

4. A friend of him/her wants to borrow him/her some money. He/She

  • does not want to give because he/she feels that his/her friend will not return his/her money back.
  • gives him/her friend some without asking anything.
  • gives him/her friend some money and asks him/her friend does the money is enough for him/her.
  • gives him/her friend some and makes sure he/she uses them well.
  • asks him/her friend what is he/she is going to do with the money.

5. Your friend had a fight with his/her roommate. He/she will

  • ask others for advice who he/she think can help him/her solve the problem.
  • go to his/her friend and talk nicely but if his/her friend refuse to talk, he/she will find another way.
  • not care about his/her friend’s feeling because his/her friend never thought about his/hers.
  • think deeply before go and talk to his/her friend because he/she thinks that discussing without planning will make things get worse.
  • ask for forgiveness from his/her friend and he/she hopes there will be no more fight between both of them.

6. When your friend is stuck in traffic jam, he/she will

  • always believe that the traffic jam will not last long.
  • keep on cursing until the traffic is okay.
  • listen to music and sing as loud as she/he can.
  • try to search for another route.
  • just wait until the traffic is okay.

7. Your friend breaks up with his/her boyfriend/girlfriend. He/she will

  • think that his/her ex is just not suitable with him/her.
  • be so sad and moody for a long time.
  • still be friend with his/her ex.
  • think that all memories with his/her boyfriend/girlfriend can help him/her with another relationship.
  • will not think about his/her boyfriend/girlfriend anymore and look forward for a better relationship.

8. You friend has been assigned to work in a group for a task. Your friend will

  • make sure everyone will finish their work on time.
  • always help his/her group members if they have problems about the task
  • accept everyone’s ideas about the task.
  • not feel comfortable because he/she prefer work alone
  • be so excited because he/she loves to work in group.

9. Your friend is late to the class. He/she will

  • rush to get to class as soon as possible
  • feel very angry to herself/himself and feel like not going to the class.
  • think it is fine to be a bit late as long as he/she comes to the class.
  • inform his/her friend that he/she are going to be late to class.
  • feel quite guilty to his/her lecturer and plan to say sorry for his/her lateness.

10. When someone ask your friend to join for an outing, your friend will

  • gives excuses because he/she prefer spend his/her time alone.
  • feel very excited because he/she love to spend his/her time with friends.
  • be the one who plan the whole outing.
  • give ideas on where to hold the outing.
  • immediately say yes and ask if there is anything to be done before the outing.

Link to the questionnaires:


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